This is pureley a tribute and a fan game made for the TV game jam and based on Black Mirror: Metalhead S4E5.

Download the executable for better grafics and lighting system. 


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MetalHeadInstaller.exe 33 MB


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Haha, omg. One hit kill and checkpoints would have been the best way to go:P And the  controls, I know. It was all made in panic mode. Thanks for playing!

Very nice!  The setting/art sets it apart, although I agree with Joe that the laser dogs (?) are especially intimidating.  The setting brought me back to "the stacks" in college.  Hope you can expand on it.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
The purpose of laser is to teach the player how near you are able to get to the dogs.

Thanks for the response  (obviously, I don't get to checking very often!).  Any games finished or that you're working on over the past 200+ days?  

Haha, dude. This response made my day. I'm working on a larger game at the moment, you can see it on my twitter if you're interested, which you can find on my profile page. I'm also thinking about doing a smaller game for Itch in october. 

You did a great job of making the dogs creepy and terror-inspiring!

Thank you, Joe!